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It is that time of year again, Japanese beetle’s are starting to feed on trees in the Chatham Kent area.
Leaves and flowers are skeletonized when adult beetles remove plant tissue. When feeding on leaves, the tissue is removed between leaf veins. Adults have copper colored wings that are positioned behind their green heads. Adults can be found during the day feeding singly or in large groups on leaves or flowers.

 Adult beetles emerge from the soil in mid- June to feed on leaves, flowers, and fruit of a wide variety of plants. They continue to fly for about 8-12 weeks, with the peak activity occurring from mid June through mid July.
To reduce damage to leaves, flowers and fruits implement your control tactics when adults are numerous. Hand picking of adults and killing them by dropping them into a bucket of soapy water can be effective on small trees or plantings of roses. When beetles are too numerous to remove spraying may be required.

 Do not use Japanese beetle traps to control these beetles. Traps bring more beetles and damage to the area.
Call a Chatham Tree Services Arborist for a quote on protecting your trees.