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Disease and Insect Control

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Integrated Pest Management

Chatham Tree Services uses Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.). I.P.M. is a method that manages plant pests by combining various control tactics.

Cultural Control

A major component of cultural control is the proper plant selection. It is important to choose a species or variety suitable for the existing landscape.

Pruning out localized pest populations and removing dead and diseased branches.

Sanitation is the proper removal of dead or infested plant material that accumulates on the ground, which is an ideal habitat for certain pests.

Soil Health such as treating nutrient deficiencies , monitoring pH levels as well as mulching and irrigation practices.

Biological Control

Natures three main enemies, predators, parasites and pathogens, that occur naturally in the landscape. Using conservation strategies to ensure these beneficial enemies are not eliminated.

Chemical Control

Chemical control may be necessary when other control methods fail. Horticultural Oil or Insecticidal Soaps may be sprayed to control some plant pests. Other Pesticides may have to be sprayed or injected into the tree to prevent further decline or death.

Our Certified Arborists would be happy to access your property to see if any of these control methods are required.