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Tree Fertilization and Soil Amendment

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Four Methods Of Fertilization

Trees require certain essential elements to function and grow. For trees growing in forested sites these elements are usually present in sufficient quantities in the soil, largely due to repeated fallen foliage. Landscape or urban trees however may be growing in modified soils or environments that do not contain a sufficient amount of essential elements.

The top soil may have been removed during construction, or it may be due to the repeated removal of fallen foliage. Fertilizer is best applied in the spring or fall. Chatham Tree Services provides four methods of fertilization.

Liquid Ground Injection

Fertilizer is dissolved in water and injected under pressure into the soil surrounding the tree canopy.

Drill Hole Method

This method uses granular fertilizer. Two inch holes are drilled in a grid pattern throughout the root zone and fertilizer is placed in the bottom of each hole.


Broadcasted on the top of the soil, it delivers fertilizer over the root zone.

Liquid Trunk Injection

Injection of fertilizer directly into the xylem, through the trunk of the tree. The fertilizer than moves systematically throughout the tree

For the fertilization method that best suits your tree needs give our Certified Arborists a call for a free quote.