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Injecting Ash trees for protection against Emerald Ash Borer. A Beautiful 76cm DBH Ash tree in Erie Beach. Thank you to the Wilson family for realizing the beauty and benefit of this tree which can be enjoyed by everyone that takes the public sidewalk along the beach!

Air Spading

Air Spading an Oak tree in Erieau to uncover girdling roots. Removed the girdling roots to prevent further tree decline or a future death by strangulation.

Japanese Beetle Outbreak in Chatham-Kent

It is that time of year again, Japanese beetle’s are starting to feed on trees in the Chatham Kent area. Leaves and flowers are skeletonized when adult beetles remove plant tissue. When feeding on leaves, the tissue is removed between leaf veins. Adults have copper colored wings that are positioned behind their green heads. Adults…

Gypsy Moth Outbreak in Chatham-Kent

*Gypsy Moth out break in Chatham Kent*   Infested trees can be completely defoliated by hairy, red and blue spotted caterpillars that grow up to 2 ” long. Although many deciduous tree species will leaf out again, complete defoliation 2-3 years in a row is lethal. During heavy infestations, the rain of caterpillar excrement below…